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Control System Upgrade for Drilling Rig SCR

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As a drilling service provider company, Harmand Intimarin Indonesia must always maintain the condition of its Drilling Rig to always be ready for use. In 2018, Syntek Energy & Control helped Harmand to recondition SCR and DC drive systems with upgrades in obsolete PLCs and replace damaged operator touchscreens.

Improvements to this system as well as on-the-ground assistance at the time of drilling by Syntek personnel proved to make a significant contribution to the operation of Rig Harmand wherever drilling is carried out so that it takes place safely without significant obstacles. Harmand customers such as Pertamina and Medco also benefit directly from smooth drilling operations.

Syntek Energy & Control is very pleased to be able to provide the best performance and solutions in helping Harmand Intimarin Indonesia so that it can return to operation to build the country with its expertise in the field of oil and gas drilling.